Finding High-Quality Properties for Sale in Today’s Thai Marketplace

Finding High-Quality Properties for Sale in Today’s Thai Marketplace

There are some things you just can’t buy, and a strong sense of belonging is one of them. National names and boundaries come and go, but a strong connection between a people and a particular place speaks to something more eternal.  Such is the case with Thailand, which has helped keep its property values on the higher end of Asian pricing in the past few decades, marking a sustained transition since the 1940s. Thailand has seen its share of turmoil since World War II, from political instability and military coups to the economic uncertainty which came as a result. It even saw a change in name, back to Siam—a name familiar to Western audiences—before undoing that change and shifting back to Thailand a few years later. Thankfully, the 1980s marked something of a resurgence of Thai democracy and economic growth, and while recent events have challenged that, there’s still hope for Thai properties.

Residential vs. Urban Properties

Mortgage lending is on the rise in Thailand. Coupled with the increased emphasis on condo living and various other socioeconomic factors, this may be seen as part of a move to the suburbs across Thailand, which is certainly something to consider when looking at various properties there. A migration into the suburbs is often followed by an increase in urban decay, and while a city like Bangkok has been able to remain sterling through it all, there’s no doubt that there’s been an increased emphasis on residential living rather than metropolitan living.

There are at least two takeaways from this for those seeking property for sale in Thailand. With the rise of suburban living comes a rise in both value and price. If you want to live in residential areas, you’re going to need to spend more than what is typically required in lower-quality rent areas of the big city. With that said, the increased demand for these areas has helped drive up their value, though whether or not that will be sustained through Thailand’s continued political uncertainty remains to be seen. Buying and renting condos and apartments in urban areas is a cheaper, albeit less fashionable, option for shoppers.

Living in Bangkok

Bangkok remains a real estate bright spot, though it is also an expensive one. Space is often at a premium in many East Asian countries, and Thailand is no exception. As a result, you wind up paying premium prices for even small, simple homes, which in turn has led to the rise of condo living. If you’re going to live in a condo in Bangkok, you’re going to want to be sure to find one which is situated in areas that feature the most stability. That’s always a benefit, but given the recent political uncertainty in the country, that’s more important than ever in terms of safeguarding the long-term value of a property through potential crises. You’ll also want to find an agent who can work with you to help you find the best deals in terms of overall value, location, cost, etc.

Thailand is truly a special place to live, so find an affordable area with relative stability and pick out a great property there today.

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