Vietnam is an Attractive Property Market for Foreign Investors and Businesses

Vietnam is an Attractive Property Market for Foreign Investors and Businesses

Vietnam is taking serious steps to position itself as the next economic powerhouse in the Asia-Pacific region; which is probably a surprise for many people. When the California-based company Intel opened up a Vietnamese semi-conductor plant in 2005, Vietnam was widely considered to be a post-war economy and a minor player in the region. But Intel may have been onto something big, as the nation is now quickly growing at an exponential rate and attracting a lot of interest from other major technology companies and foreign investors.

Technology Takes Centre Stage

The fact that Vietnam is taking its technology sector seriously should be a tolling bell for both foreign property investors and tech savvy businesses alike. Even though many Vietnamese nationals are still stuck in the primary industry, the growth of the technology sector is poised to inject a lot of new money into the country’s economy and to improve the life of much of their population through the rise of a middle class. We can see that this is now happening in China, and clearly Vietnam has taken serious note of this concept as well.

Now that Intel is expanding their Vietnamese operations to include on-chip systems manufacturing and the development of central processing units, the time is right for other tech companies to move their major manufacturing operations. Indeed, the leadership at Intel is even providing serious training to their Vietnamese employees by flying them out to the US for professional development.

As Intel is clearly “moving up the product stack,” it is also notable to point out that Vietnam is one of the nations involved in the 12 country Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement (TPP). Whether this agreement is ratified by Congress remains to be seen, but the mere fact that Vietnam is a major player is a sign that investments in the region are gaining interest and notoriety.

Investing in a Growing Economy

Given the rapid growth of Vietnam during the past decade, much of its expansion has been driven by the technology sector of the economy. Thus, it is important to consider the country’s technological scope when contemplating investments in the region. You can invest in the Vietnamese real estate market with the help of local services like The importance of using local real estate services like this cannot be underestimated, as they provide:

  • A wealth of local knowledge that results in investing in the most lucrative properties;
  • Services that include buying, selling, and property rental;
  • An intimate knowledge of Vietnam’s property laws, including laws that govern property ownership by foreign nationals and foreign businesses.

The Benefits of an Economic Boom

The benefits to Vietnam are clear. As the technology boom takes hold, the real estate market faces increasing demand. This demand drives the supply of more properties and fuels the local building and construction industry at the same time.

For the Vietnamese people themselves, this injection of foreign investments represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to both participate in the global economy and to grow a middle class that drives even more economic development. Our growing dependence on technology and the development of microelectronics means that companies like Intel and others are set to drive Vietnam’s economy forward at a rapid rate.

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